Best Thing About Being a TDR Bride

Heart to Heart, In the Boutique

Here at TDR we are always striving to create an unforgettable service for each one of our brides and after our 10 years in the bridal industry we truly believe this is what we have achieved!

But…we wanted just wanted to make sure we were doing it right…so, we asked our brides to tell us what they thought the best thing about being a TDR bride is, and this is the response we got…(WOW!)

Emma Reader

I’m Miss …Soon to be a Mrs. I’m a TDR Bride to Be…The outstanding service & Support I have received 5* all round! From finding my perfect gown and feeling beautiful, to having a selfie with the girls in the shop. Communication is always the best. I travel over an hour for your shop and I would travel 5 more. It’s worth it, Service, Gowns, Accessories, Decor of the shop and the staff. Can’t thank you all enough! Bring on August!!!

Julia Darby 25.08.2018

I’m a Miss, soon to be Mrs in August! 🙈 Eek! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Jackie made every experience for me great. She picked me out my dress in the end, after me trying on a few because she listened to everything I’d said. She hung it up and I just went “that’s the one” before I’d even tried it on and it was just like the first dress I’d imagined when I started looking. I’d been to another bridal shop beforehand and got exactly the experience I was afraid of…feeling uncomfortable and the woman was actually incredibly rude to me! So, coming to TDR was like a breath of fresh air, even though the shop is beautifully decorated all the staff are down to earth and really welcoming. Nothing ever seems to be an inconvenience, I’ve always been able to get an appointment easily. I find the TDR group an enormous amount of help and support and I can’t wait to come in for the alterations xx

Katie Hartshorn 28.10.2017

I am a VERY proud to have been TDR Bride!! The best part about being part of the TDR group is becoming a part of the TDR family! There is literally nothing better than the feeling of those beautiful ladies taking you right under their wing providing a top-class service making every inch of your wedding dress dream a reality! They made me feel like an absolute Princess in my dress and accessories! If it wasn’t for the expense 😖 I would do it all again, and I would do it all again with the TDR queens!👌😍 wedding date 28.10.2017…(I’ll attach some photos now) xx

Zoe Stankevitch 01.03.2019

I am a Miss soon to be Mrs Rhodes 2019 and I had the pleasure of choosing my wedding dress with the amazing Gail who seriously went above and beyond for me. From the very first day the team at TDR we’re so welcoming and patient and I chose my perfect dress. When I went back with my partners nan and my mom the girls welcomed us all we all felt like part of the family!! I have recommended you to everyone I hear is getting married you all gave me the best experience I could imagine.
 Thank you girls your just amazing

Stacey Baker 26.08.2018

100% the service that I (and everyone else seems to have received) should be the most blogged about thing! 
Della helped me from my first time at the NEC stand, to finding my dress, to helping choose the best accessories… but all of the staff I have come into contact with have been amazing and nothing is ever too much trouble. I never felt pressured into spending huge amounts of money like I have in other stores before TDR and I love hearing about other people’s weddings on here!!! 
Stacey baker (to be Mrs Ray) 26 August 2018 xx 😘

Natalie Lewis 26.05.2018

Soon to be a Mrs! The best thing for me was being empowered in the shop to buy the type of dress I wanted. I was nervous at picking a gown. My family said I would not find one as I was obese (at size 18) and needed to cover up my fat legs and the surgical scars on my arms. The ladies at TDR focused on what I was comfortable with, what my dream was, and handled my family expertly. I don’t believe that I could have gotten the same outcome anywhere else. I am so excited at finally seeing my dress.

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