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There’s a vibe at TDR Bridal Birmingham that is simply indescribable. It’s a buzz, a happy place, a place of celebration, a place of love and understanding. Our stylists are experts in giving you the wedding dress experience you have always dreamed of. Each of them with an encyclopedic knowledge of our dresses as well as the innate ability to ‘know’ what you want, need and like, and with the most caring, kind, fun and warm personalities, we just know that you will love every minute that you spend with them at TDR.

TDR: It’s Where the Magic Happens!

Rebecca & Lawson

“Our love story started in 1979 when we shared a desk in primary school at the young age of eight years old. By the age of 12 we “loved” each other for about a week and then just became great friends. Lawson was fairly cool with his ski jumper and cosmic jeans and I was just a regular school girl with an on-trend 80’s perm and incredibly large shoulder pads.

We hung around together in a large group of friends until we were 18 when life changed, as it does, and we drifted apart.

On Friday 8th March 2002 our worlds collided for the first time in 12 years, in a local pub… Our eyes locked and we both just knew. We were engaged three months later and the rest as they say, is history; it was just meant to be. We have two wonderful boys, Billy and Max and our dog Charlie makes our family complete.”


Founder and Director

TDR Bridal, formerly The Dressing Rooms Halesowen, was founded by Rebecca in 2007, driven by a passion for weddings and all things bridal fashion. Lawson came into the business in 2018 when the business gained more and more momentum.

Lawson and Rebecca work hard to constantly improve and excel at serving their brides – they are a hands-on, down-to-earth couple who genuinely care about the brides they serve. TDR is a market leader in its field, demonstrating a forward-thinking, fresh and diverse approach to bridal retailing.

Accepting Nothing Less Than Perfection for every single bride.


Sarah is the Manager at TDR Bridal and is loved and cherished by Rebecca, Lawson and all of her TDR colleagues. She is incredibly hard working, passionate and driven and leaves nothing to chance, ever. She has been working with Rebecca since early March 2008, just before her 18th birthday.

Sarah is kind, loyal, honest and straight forward… She is TDR through and through, she always remembers the detail, she always remembers each bride’s name and she will always go the extra mile to help a bride. Sarah is also a special friend, a much loved surrogate daughter and someone very dear to us all at TDR.


Della came to help Rebecca out, just for a day, and now nine years later, is a long-standing, loyal and lovely member of TDR Bridal. Having made Rebecca and Lawson’s wedding stationery in 2003 she is a very dear family friend, too.

Della holds family and love above all else – she is married to Darren they have two married boys and it seems they are starting a football club of grandchildren too! She is an amazing bridal stylist and is always the ‘mom’ of TDR Brides, especially those who need that extra bit of comfort, advice and support. We couldn’t be without Della.



Julie came from another bridal shop where, to be honest, things were not great. She came to TDR Bridal with her confidence knocked and her faith in human beings a little bit bruised. But look at our Julie now! She is confident, happy, radiant, and loving what she does! She is truly amazing with brides and very often makes new and sometimes unexpected friendships.

Julie is fun, outgoing and loves to laugh – she takes everything in her stride, worries about very little and is simply a delight to be around. She has a very special knack of finding exactly what a bride is looking for even when a bride doesn’t even know herself! She is truly in love with her partner Karl and they have a whole bunch of gorgeous grandchildren to complete their family.


The gorgeous Paige is not only beautiful on the outside but beautiful on the inside too! She has an absolute heart of gold, she’s incredibly thoughtful, very intuitive and always tuned in to her brides.

She is bold in her styling, offering brides exactly what they want but then showing them exactly what they will look amazing in, and she always, always gets it right!


Former Miss Birmingham Amy is a fashion-forward and extremely creative bridal stylist. She just gets you; she knows how you feel, she understands your insecurities, she wants to help you show off your best bits – basically, she wants you to look and feel amazing.

She is a mum to the beautiful baby Belle and has a kind, thoughtful approach to her brides.


Maya is our hopeless romantic, she loves to sing any time of the day. She will have fun with you, be creative with your styling and really tune in to what you’re thinking and feeling.

Maya’s all about empowering women, making sure that all of her brides feel and look absolutely amazing, even high fiving you when you’ve found the one!


Our little gem Abbi is just adorable. Having Spanish nationality and working in high end boutiques in Lanzarote for many years, she knows just how important first-class customer service is and she delivers, every time.

Abbi is the proud mom of Brian, her son, and gives her heart and soul to both him and to her work. She loves to be organised and really well informed, so organisation and knowledge are Abbi’s mantra and this, along with a fabulous eye for style and fashion.



Chloe is calm and quiet but not to be mistaken for a wall flower, she has a great personality, she is incredibly kind and she has very, very high standards.

She will not rest until she has found your perfect wedding dress and we’re pretty sure the phrase, Accept Nothing Less Than Perfection, was created for Chloe!


The utterly gorgeous, sweet natured Molly is an absolute dream. Her intuition and ability to understand you and your feelings is simply wonderful to watch.

Her quiet, caring, unassuming nature gives every bride a feeling of safety and reassurance to ensure that you make the right decision when buying your wedding dress


Faye is the ultimate listener, she tunes in to exactly what a bride is thinking and her intuition enables her to find the perfect dress every time.

Her kindness knows no limits, she will always go above and beyond for every single bride and is totally dedicated to the TDR ethos. We’re so lucky to have her!


Ah, the lovely Jeannie! Beautiful inside and out, Jeannie is responsible for making sure your dress passes its final inspection at TDR. She is head of the Prep Room, she’s an absolute perfectionist and everything goes by her before it leaves TDR for your special day.

She steams, presses and preps everything in her very white ‘Michael Jackson’ gloves, making sure everything is perfect for you. She’s a beautiful, kind soul who we all love dearly.

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Accept Nothing Less Than Perfection