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Proposal Stories

Katie Challinor from Staffordshire, who said yes on Sunday 28th May 2017

As many of you may already know, once you are a TDR Bride, you join our family! We have our private Facebook group for TDR BRIDES ONLY, we chat every single day, we laugh, we cry and most importantly we support each other along every single step of the way and it is just beautiful!

So, to get to know our brides and their fiancé’s a little more, we asked them to share their proposal story and many of them, so kindly did! And WOW…we were definitely brought to tears with some of these stories, they are absolutely beautiful and we would LOVE to share them with you!

Katie’s Proposal Story…

My partner bought me a trip to Prague for my birthday in September 2016. We were waiting on completion of our new home which got put back to the 16th December and we flew to Prague the next day, so we were both a bit apprehensive that we could do it all in one weekend and before Christmas came. We headed off on the 17th.

The city was amazing, definitely recommend it to anyone especially at Christmas time. It was just magical. 
On the Saturday night we were doing a bit of exploring and I saw a beautiful jewellery shop … of course as ladies do…I was automatically drawn to it with boyfriend in hand. I made a comment pointing to a ring that I hope one day I’ll get one of those, we had been together for seven years. He reassured me that he would but not just yet as we’d only just moved in and there was a lot of money to pay out etc.

So on the Sunday off we went on a walking tour of Prague with a guide and a small group of other people of different nationalities. The day turned out to be a bit dreary but the tour was brilliant. We headed up to Prague castle and the tour guide explained that there were some security checks first before we could go inside. So we got in the very long queue for only then my partner to decide he wanted a picture infront of the gates. I told him we could get one after because we’ll lose our place in the queue but no he was very insistent. So after being the stubborn person that I am I gave in and walked up to the castle gates. I turned round and the next minute he’s on one knee with this stunning ring in his hand. I didn’t listen to a word he said because I was so overwhelmed and all I could hear were people clapping and cheering. We then had to rejoin the tour for another 10 minutes which obviously went over my head.

The funny thing was this wasn’t his plan at all ..He set it up with my Dad to do it at a particular time so my Dad was at home with my Mum because she was unaware of everything but because of the security checks he didn’t daren’t risk it in case I saw the ring he’d been hiding all day in his pocket of the jacket.

How I didn’t click in that he kept moving me to his right side all day and wouldn’t fasten his coat up because it wasn’t stylish yet it was blooming freezing but really it was because you’d see the outline of a box if he did!
I was over the moon. Fortunately two American tourists took a picture off us too so we’ve got the actual moment captured.

Thank you SO much to each and every one of our brides for sharing your beautiful stories with us. We have absolutely loved reading them and we are SO excited to continue with you on this magical journey from Miss to Mrs 💓💓💓

If you’re a TDR Bride and would love to have your proposal story also shared on our blog, then please email us here…we would LOVE to hear from you!

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